Dead Man Walking Incense



When you light up a dish of DEAD MAN WALKING INCENSE you will find yourself being immersed in a a dense and mysterious world. Experience the glow of heightened awareness as the musky aromas penetrate the deepest corners of your mind. Dead Man Walking Incense has plenty of punch to surprise even the experienced user of herbal potpourri. You will drift away on an ever intensifying cloud of sensual smells as you let total relaxation take over your mind and body. When you light a dish of DEAD MAN WALKING INCENSE you will embark on a spiritual journey of sights, sounds, and sensations all through aroma therapy. It’s an experience that leaves you with a totally new aspect to life and wash away all those negative feelings. Are you ready to experience Dead Man Walking Incense ? It comes to you, delivered in sealed packets to ensure a fresh long lasting burn every time. Pick out a packet today and enjoy all the best that nature has to offer!

Disclaimer: Designed strictly for use by persons 18 & over. Any use of this product other than as aromatherapy is prohibited and is the sole responsibility of the consumer.


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