K2 Clear Paper Spray

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K2 Clear Paper Spray

K2 Clear Paper Spray is an ideal solution for those who want to send letters without detection. It is colourless, odourless, and undetectable and un traceable. It can easily be sprayed on paper to send letters, making it a safe and secure option for letter sending.

liquid k2 on paper

Our online store offers K2 Clear Paper Spray for sale, so you can purchase it easily and conveniently. We provide customers with the best quality products, so you know you’re getting a great product when you purchase from us.

K2 Liquid Spray

We also offer K2 Liquid Spray, which is another excellent option for those looking to send letters covertly. The 100% organic blend is hand-picked to provide a smooth texture and is formulated with clear paper spray as the base.

Order your K2 clear spray today and get it delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. With our pre-rolled joints, you can enjoy a discreet and low-cost option for letter sending.

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50ML, 100ML, 200ML

Flavor Type

Code Red, Diablo, Bizzaro, White Tiger, Green Giant

2 reviews for K2 Clear Paper Spray

  1. Ramirez

    I would recommend buying K2 from here for quick and safe delivery

  2. Keesha

    Always bought from these guys, great products all around

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